Does anyone want to adopt this beautiful puppy? She is about a month old, a bit shy and just all around adorable! We found her in the road this morning ( we found the owner but he doesn’t want her back)
We live in Trinidad, so if any of you are interested, could you inbox me? Also! If you don’t live in Trinidad, could you still reblog so that maybe your followers can contact me? We need to find this pup a home!

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aplacetomakeyourstand asked:

favorite vegetable? what is your favorite meal to prepare? what color are the walls in your room painted? if you could spend a million dollars in only one store, which would you choose and why? how many states have you visited? how many countries? favorite chore to do around the house? 3-ring binders or notebooks?

Logan asks the best questions :)

  • fresh cucumbers (not the crap you find in the grocery store in the winter, but the good ones straight out of the garden)
  • i love making homemade alfredo sauce
  • walls are off white, wainscoting is turquoise verging on green(ignore the messy floor and walls)
  • actual store or online store? I can’t pick an actual store, so I’m going with modcloth. can buy all the pretty clothes, but also get cute things for an apartment
  • (actual store would probably be a grocery store - Trader Joes or Hannafords - i’ll just donate all the extra food)
  • I’ve purposefully visited around eight. i’ve travelled through many more
  • only been to the USofA and Canadia
  • i like vacuuming, actually. this time of year, though, i’m out in the garden constantly
  • 3-ring binders. with notebooks in them.


June Book Photo Challenge ‘14

08. Handwriting

"I miss you"
"That’s stupid", she said, "I saw you this morning"
"It’s not 
time,” Levi said, and she could hear that he was smiling. “It’s the distance
Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell

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it’s totes okay to get shitfaced on a bottle of wine on a tuesday night.

because i’m an adult.

and it’s 2:30 am.